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Do you have a favorite word? Have you thought about a favorite word? Maybe your favorite word is
survivor, maybe it is hope, maybe it is even naptime? I have a new favorite word. The word until is my
new favorite word. It may seem like an odd choice, but it is actually a choice that empowers me to know
that I will reach my goals. I know I will reach my goals because I will work on them until I reach them.

Sometimes when you want to reach a goal, it becomes frustrating because you aren’t reaching that goal
quickly enough. If you break your goal into small steps and take the next best step daily you will
eventually reach your goal.

Maybe your goal is to lose ten pounds. Let’s say you get frustrated because the weight isn’t coming off
quickly. After one month, you may think you should toss your goal aside. What if you chose one healthier
meal per day? What if you walked an extra 15 minutes daily? What if you drank only water daily and
eliminated empty calories from what you were drinking? Guess what? If you did all of these things until
you lost ten pounds, you will lose ten pounds! That would be something to celebrate!

Maybe your goal is to start spending more time for yourself. Do you give up on your goal because the
realities of life get in your way? What if you woke up fifteen minutes earlier every day to write in a
gratitude journal? What if you shut off the television 15 minutes earlier every night to read your favorite
book? What if you took a walk on your lunch hour with a friend instead of sitting in the cafeteria? If you
changed one part of your day until it just became a habit in your daily routine, you would eventually reach
your goal of spending more time for yourself.

Taking tiny steps daily can lead to big results in achieving your goals. Just keep going until you achieve
them! You’ve got this!!

It only seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela

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